Crozet United Methodist Church
Saturday, August 01, 2015
Love Grow Go

Sunday, July 26, 2015 


"Jesus replied with a story..."
~ Luke 10:30

Long before Twitter forced us to express our thoughts in 140 characters, Jesus mastered the art of communicating profound truths in just a few words.

His parables have certainly stood the test of time! In our worship services over the next month we are looking at some of the short stories Jesus told and exploring their great meaning for his day and for ours.

We will continue the "Short Stories" series this Sunday with "Ripples" -- looking at a very short story (found in Luke 13:20-21) about the potential influence each of us has every day of our lives.

If you missed last week's message ("Two Guys Walk into a Temple"), you can access the podcast by clicking here.

This is a great week to invite a friend to join you at CUMC this Sunday at 8:30 or 11AM!